Ready-Made Free From Baking Mix

The humble cake mix has been elevated to a thing of beauty, innovation and outright deliciousness!

Cake mix tubes lined up on shelf

A store cupboard essential

Our Honeybuns Sponge Cake Mix is an innovative blend of polenta, almond, sorghum and vanilla, presented in a beautiful recycable gifting tube.

This versatile mix has a nuttiness and slightly caramelised flavour owing to the use of ground flaxseed and brown sugar respectively.

Being gluten free is an added bonus and will give anyone the possibility of being able to rustle up a sumptuous and delicious gluten free sponge cake – simply add butter and eggs.

Its delicious baked naked but is extremely versatile and can be adapted to use seasonal ingredients.

Luxurious ingredients

Cake mix in bowl

Rather than using processed gluten free flours for these mixes, we have embraced some of the more luxurious ingredients on the market, for example, ground almonds, ground flax and sorghum, all of which are naturally gluten free. Nutritionally, flax is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, and sorghum flour is a great source of protein. Pure Madagascan vanilla adds a subtle and delicate flavour.


The Sponge Cake Mix was awarded a Gold Star in the prestigious Great Taste Awards 2014. The judges commented on the lovely, light, moist texture, richness in vanilla and noted the syrupy sugars come through well.

Gorgeous packaging

Our gorgeous mix comes in a beautifully designed retro-inspired reusable cardboard tube. Ingredients are wrapped in cellophane with easy to follow instructions, and the mix comes with recipe ideas and serving suggestions.

Chocolate cake made using mix

You are also able to purchase the mix without the tube and just in the sachet, so if you’re a fan and want to refill your previous cake mix tube, this is the perfect option!

Not only do they make excellent store cupboard treats but also the sweetest of gifts!

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Got a question about the mix?

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