Preparing hedgerows for the winter months

How we’ve been preparing the many hedgerows around the bakery and nature reserve for the coming winter months

hedgelaying in our nature reserve

By Barry, our resident Bee Green blogger.

I’ve had the pleasure of following our Bee Green guru Graham around his handy work this morning.

I collared Graham as he was up a ladder.

work in our nature reserve on the willow trees and hedges


He explained in his delightful Derbyshire lilt he was constructing a willow arch. We have lots of willow dotted around Naish Farm. The supremely green fingered Linda Browne was our teacher, she taught us a lot about willow planting. I was her bumbling helper planting willow cuttings in 2017. It was part of our plan to beautify the site. Willow is a fast growing tree; Graham has taken advantage of this. Young Willow is easily pliable; Graham has an amazing knack for bending the wood to his liking. He is a wood magician. His arches and bowers are beautiful additions to the Honeybuns nature reserve.


Graham told me he has been busy trimming back our hedgerows.

Hedgelaying at our commercial bakery

It will make his hedge laying easier in the winter months. I remember helping planting the hedges back in 2014. Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Dog Rose and Hazel make up the bulk of our hedging. Graham has created a winding path through our nature reserve banked by hedgerows. It’s amazing how the hedgerows have developed over the years. The work Graham has done has encouraged an influx of wildlife to our nature reserve. Goldfinches, Bullfinches, Wrens, and Voles have been spotted across our site.

We went on a tour of the fruit trees at Naish Farm.

Hedgelaying at our commercial bakery

We inspected the plums, pears and apples. Some trees were so burdened by heavy fruit they looked like straining weight lifters. It would be a crime not to munch on our harvest. I certainly filled my pockets.

gluten free apple cake recipe

I’ll have to confer with the bakery team on their favourite autumn fruit recipes. It could be Dorset Apple Cake or Festive Apple & Cranberry Chutney, or maybe something from our new gluten free cook book.