Our aims for a more sustainable Christmas

Festive greetings from Honeybuns. We are super busy here. Christmas orders for the commercial side of our bakery are well underway. From my BeeGreen desk, I’ve been pondering how we can make Christmas sustainable.

Festive home made gift wrap for Christmas

Our aim at Honeybuns is to reduce our use of plastic and increase recycling. I have to resist my Scrooge-like tendencies; I’d like to share some ideas to forage your Christmas and make Yuletide cheaper and greener.

Christmas decorations can be easy and fun to make with the family. I’m particularly fond of a pine cone reindeer. You will need to locate stick on googly eyes, something small and round for a nose-you can use your imagination here, not forgetting string and tape.

eco friendly Christmas tree decorations

To make, grab some pine cones that haven’t been nibbled by squirrels. Stick on a pair of eyes and something small for a nose, an old button or a pink peppercorn – and voila! A home made reindeer! Stick a length of ribbon onto the cone and then hang from your Christmas tree.

Orange slices make very pretty, natural decorations for the tree, and also make the house smell delicious to boot.

Here at Honeybuns we are advocates for edible decorations. Gingerbread bunting is a favourite with the team. We have our own gluten, dairy and nut free gingerbread recipe if you fancy it, taken from the Honeybuns All Day Cook Book. Our gingerbread is seriously spicy! If you can stop your clan from munching them, string a few to your tree or wreath. They should last a few days!

gluten free gingerbread men recipe

When choosing wrapping paper and cards think about avoiding anything with glitter. These paper products can’t be recycled. The glitter itself is terrible for the environment. Inspired by our gift wrap in the Honeybuns online shop, this homemade Christmas wrapping paper is easy and fun to make.

Festive home made gift wrap for Christmas

Why not have a go at making your own festive cards. I’m a keen scribbler and enjoy drawing my own Christmas cards. You don’t have to be artistic; a simple stencil design can be beautiful and easy to reproduce. The kids might like to help you get a production line going.

I hope these ideas help to make your Christmas fun and magical. Best wishes from the Honeybuns team.