Rhubarb & Custard Cake recipe

One of Em’s staple puds growing up was stewed rhubarb  and custard. The pick and mix sweeties of the same  name were also highly prized. We wanted to convert this  into another pudcake hybrid. This can be eaten on its  own or with lashings of the yummy yellow stuff.

This recipe is taken from the new Honeybuns All Day Cook Book  by Emma Goss-Custard.

Gluten free Rhubarb and custard pud cake recipe

MAKES 2 x 23 cm round cakes

Gluten free Rhubarb & Custard Cake recipe


400g fresh rhubarb
350g melted butter, plus extra for brushing
280g crystallised sweetener of choice
140g ground almond
140g sorghum flour
50g ground golden flaxseed
3 tsp gluten free baking powder
2 tsp vanilla paste
2 tsp ground nutmeg
3 heaped tbsp gluten free custard powder, mixed with 3 tbsp of hot (not boiling) tap water
1 tbsp honey
4 eggs

165g double cream
70g custard
½ tsp vanilla paste
4 tbsp Rhubarb Half Jam

Gluten free Rhubarb & Custard Cake recipe

Preheat the oven to 180°C / Gas 4.

Brush the inside of the cake tins thoroughly with melted butter and line the bottoms with baking parchment.

Wash, trim and thinly slice your rhubarb. You can use the rhubarb as it is, or if you prefer less tartness, you can roast the rhubarb drizzled with runny honey for 15 minutes. Once cooked, separate off 50g for the topping and set aside.

Put the melted butter into a large mixing bowl with all the other cake ingredients except the eggs and sliced rhubarb. Beat the mixture with an electric mixer on high speed for 1 minute until smooth. Then add the eggs and mix again until smooth and well combined. Gently fold in the 350g of sliced rhubarb using a spatula.

Divide the mixture evenly between the 2 tins. Halfway through baking, cover each tin with foil to stop the cakes browning too much. Bake for 40-45 minutes until the surface of the cake is springy to the touch, and a cake skewer comes out cleanly.

Allow the cakes to cool for 5 minutes in their tins before turning them out onto a cooling rack, and leave to cool completely. Then spread 1 cake with the Rhubarb Half Jam.

gluten free Rhubarb & Custard cake from Honeybuns All Day CookBook

For the filling, place the cream, custard and vanilla into a bowl and beat with an electric mixer on high speed for approximately 2-3 minutes. The mixture should be thick and spreadable in consistency. Spread the filling over the jammed cake and sandwich together.

For the topping take the 50g reserved roasted rhubarb and spoon in a little central mound on top of the cake.

TIP A meringue topping would bump this into posh pudding territory.

STORAGE Keeps in the fridge for 3 days

Honeybuns All Day Cook book is full of delicious free from recipes

This recipe is from Honeybuns All Day Cook Book by Emma Goss-Custard, published by Honeybee Books.