How to create easy eco friendly Easter decorations and treats at home

Lockdown Easter is going to be tinged with sadness for so many who will be on their own. I hope that our ‘how to’ bring some Spring time beauty indoors will help lift the spirits. Whether you are on your own or with family, we’ve got some lovely DIY ideas to create a stunning Easter table display.

Homemade upcycled Easter gifts on window sill

We’ve been inspired by gorgeous interiors blogs and lifestyle magazines as well as Mother Nature’s source book. My already messy desk is covered with photos torn from Good Housekeeping magazine and those beautifully shot brochures for posh jumpers, plus actual twigs, moss and vintage tea cups.

Easter floral decorations in vintage jugs on a window

My head is buzzing with ideas of how to style our Easter lunch table by incorporating the following elements:

  • Eco friendly, up cycled china and glassware. From Granny’s trifle bowl to mismatched egg cups
  • Timeless neutral table linen
  • Natural and free decorations such as moss and crystallised flowers
  • Super easy and inexpensive cake decorating ideas
  • Gorgeous gluten free and vegan cakes

I will walk you through each stage and finish with our own selection of online Easter gift ideas.

We’ve had great fun testing these ideas for a home made Easter celebration. The centrepiece has to be the trifle bowl planted with bulbs, moss and its own Easter egg hunt. This would make a lovely project for the kids during the school holiday – a fresh take on ‘create your own miniature garden’.

Let’s get started on the basics of laying a gorgeous Easter table


A neutral linen or cotton tablecloth will help create a Scandi vibe if that’s the aesthetic you’re after. Or go with an unadorned natural wooden table top. You can also get very pretty posh paper table cloths. I found a pretty gingham one in sunshine yellow from Sainsburys.

Name Places

Luggage labels are inexpensive and cute. Try writing names in a glittery ink. Decorate your cards by gluing pretty buttons on them. Try popping the labels on top of pretty teacups which, in turn, are planted with moss and mini eggs. Teacups can be inexpensively bought on Ebay or try Facebook market place.

Easter name place with vintage egg cup

vintage teacup planted with Spring flowers, moss and mini easter eggs

Table flowers

Anything goes in terms of receptacles which can be used for flowers and bulbs. My granny’s old cut glass trifle bowl worked brilliantly when filled with hyacinth bulbs, moss and chocolate eggs. Teapots, jugs, egg cups and old tins all work as flower vases. We started with uncoloured glassware: dessert bowls, sherry glasses and the like. The Primrose flowers then created pops of colour. Great Spring time flowers include hyacinths, grape hyacinths and polyanthus. Branches of pussy willow or red stemmed dog wood can be effective too.

vintage glass trifle bowl upcycled & planted with primrose flowers

Centrepiece gluten free cake

For a gorgeous cake display, bake a tray bake. Choose your favourite recipe – it would be remiss of me not to mention both of our lovely gluten free baking books for this. How about an indulgent plant based chocolate brownie recipe or a simple lemon and ginger shortbread?

Your tray bake tin needs to be roughly A4 in size and a minimum of 3cm deep. Once your baking is done, we suggest cutting into 15 squares for easy stacking. Short on time? Head over to our online shop for a selection of gluten free and vegan tray bakes.

DIY up-cycled cake stand

For pretty vintage china fans; all you need is a tea plate measuring approx. 21cm across and an upturned tea cup. Pop the plate on top of the teacup et voila! A gorgeous , rinky dink instant cake stand is now yours. Stack your pieces up.

If you prefer a more neutral, pared back Scandi look, fill a kilner jar with those cute battery operated twinkly fairy lights you can get. We love lights4fun. Close the lid and top with either a plain glass plate or a plain china one, again measuring approx. 21 cm across.

Upcycled jar with fairy lights in

For a rustic farmhouse vibe use a lovely old terracotta flower pot upturned.

Easy peasy cake decorating ideas

Sugared almonds are easy to get hold of and look so pretty scattered over your cake stack. Pastel coloured mini eggs are now available as vegan versions and have a similar effect. Try scattering them amongst moss and flower petals on the table.

Easter table decoration with petals, mini chocolate eggs for a pretty display

Make your own hand made crystallised flowers

We love the guide from Maddocks Farm Organics where they explain how to use gum Arabic which is a vegan and gluten free alternative to beaten egg white, traditionally used when crystallising flowers. You can scatter these over your cake stack.

Alternatively, dried rose petals, cornflowers and borage flowers can all be bought fairly cheaply online.

Round up of Honeybuns Easter gifts online

We’ve been inspired by our love of vintage china to create these really charming ‘Stack A Cake’ Easter celebration cake kits. So whether it’s a small gathering of just one or two of you or for a larger number, our DIY celebration kits are the perfect Easter treat for you to enjoy at home this year.

Lemon & ginger Shortbread stack-a-cake

Milk Chocolate brownie stack a cake gluten free Easter gift

Each kit has everything you need – a vintage teacup and plate to create your own pretty cake stand; a traybake (vegan and dairy free options available); topping ingredients, and easy to follow instructions to guide you through how to build and decorate your celebration stack for a simply stunning Easter display. Head over to our online shop to see the fabulous selection of stacks on offer.

Finally, wishing you a very Happy Easter from us all at Honeybuns. Here’s to when we can meet again over a slice of something naughty and a cuppa!


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