Best Gluten Free Pudding Guide for Veganuary

I’m not sure about you but this January feels different? Maybe it is to do with the flipping awful past couple of years we’ve all endured, but, at Honeybuns HQ, we’re into comfort food rather than the salad bar this time around.

Bracing, muddy walks followed by a lovely bowl of warm apple crumble and a mug of tea are proving just the ticket.

Vegan pudding ideasHere, we’ve rounded up our favourite sweet gluten free and vegan traybakes which prove Veganuary can be indulgent, delicious and just that little bit naughty.

Top Tips before we start our online pudding tasting

  • All cakes featured here work as puddings too. Just heat up in a microwave (1 minute on full or in a conventional oven on 200°C / Gas 6 for 4-5 mins).
  • At Honeybuns everything we do is gluten free. Look out for our oat free cakes, for those of you who avoid gluten free oats we have plenty of oat free cake and pudding choices.
  • Our “Perfect Pud” traybakes can be safely refrozen by you at home. Each tray yields 16 portions.
  • Why not send a Honeybuns Hug to friends and family this Veganuary? A delicious alternative to cut flowers, our cakes are each handmade here on our old dairy farm in Dorset.

A quick note on nuts

All Honeybuns cakes either contain nuts or may contain traces of nuts including peanut. Therefore none of our products are suitable for nut allergy sufferers.

Our top three gluten free and dairy free puddings

1. Gluten free vegan Apple Crumble traybake

Allergen information

Gluten free, dairy free, soy free and vegan. Contains gluten free oats and nuts.

What makes this Apple Crumble special?

Well firstly, you would not guess something this more-ish could possibly be plant-based and gluten free.

The ground almonds in our signature shortbread base add great flavour, natural sweetness and oil. The almonds’ oil content mimics butter in this recipe, by making everything taste rich and indulgent.

We buy in the Bramley apple sauce which we then add lemon zest and vanilla to. It’s is one of the very few sauces we buy in. Everything else we make from scratch, including the crumble topping which is made with gluten free British oats, golden flaxseed and refined coconut oil. Refined coconut oil is one of our vegan store cupboard heros. Check here for more info on this delicious and versatile ingredient.

Serving suggestion

Warm slices of apple crumble up and serve with home made coconut ice for a gorgeous hot and cold contrast. See our vegan and dairy free coconut ice recipe in our Honeybuns All Day Cook Book.

Buy the Apple Crumble Bar traybake here.

2. Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel Brownie Traybake

Allergen information

Gluten free and vegan. May contain traces of dairy, nuts and soy.

What makes this brownie so special?

This sweet vegan treat is incredibly rick, gooey and decadent. Topped with our home made dairy free caramel sauce, this is a “January Blues Blaster” in pudding form!

A great way to judge the quality of any chocolate brownie is to look for the first (and chief) ingredient on the label. Chocolate is number one in our recipe with no scrimping on indulgence.

Serving suggestion

Home made dairy free and gluten free Chocolate mousse/paste is incredibly easy to make. Here’s a very easy recipe.

Warm your brownie slices up and serve with a scoop of chocolate banana spread. Delish.

Find the Dark Chocolate & Salted Caramel Brownie in our online shop here.

3. Persian Flapjack Traybake

Allergen information

Gluten free, dairy free, soy free and vegan. Contains gluten free oats and nuts.

What makes this plant based flapjack extra special?

Customers tell us they adore the subtly balanced flavours in this soft baked oaty bar. We use a combination of orange zest, roasted pistachios and rose blossom water to evoke the flavours of Middle eastern cuisine. This is not just a flapjack….it’s a Honeybuns, hand made in Dorset flapjack….

Serving Suggestion

Try making the coconut ice and this time add the zest of one orange. This will complement your pudding perfectly. Or try Jude’s vegan ice cream range here.

Warm your flapjack gently through and then add a scoop or two of the above. Dairy free heaven….

More vegan cake tips

  • If you fancy making your own vegan traybakes then head here for how to make your very own vegan and gluten free shortbread base.
  • Our Honeybuns All Day Cook Book is 100% gluten free and includes over 60 dairy free recipes too. Great for baking inspo at home whilst the weather is still rubbish….
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