Chocolate eggs versus gooey brownies this Easter

We think there is space for both delicacies this Easter, after all we wouldn’t want to see the Easter Bunny out of a job! With happiness being all about balance, we recommend indulging in traditional chocolate Easter eggs as well as treating yourself or a loved one to some of our heavenly gluten free bakes. A truly delicious case of Yin and Yang.

If you are seeking to spoil the chocoholic in your life, we can help. Likewise, if you are seeking chocolate free options we’ve got some award winning bakes, cook books and gift sets that are guaranteed to delight.

Best Gift premium for a serious chocolate brownie fan

Small Milk Chocolate Brownie Celebration Cake Stack £21.99

Milk Chocolate brownie small celebration cake stack kitOur gorgeous, slow baked milk chocolate brownie stacking kit is the perfect sharing dessert for an Easter get together. Your cake stacking kit comes complete with a glass jar, fairy lights and a scalloped wooden disc. These components form a pretty, illuminated DIY Scandi style cake stand which can re used.

To build your stack of mini chocolate brownie squares. The instructions are super easy to follow and involve the fun task of drizzling chocolate and decorating with cinder toffee pieces. Kids will love to help out with the decorating, making this a fab pressie to send or receive over the holidays.

This celebration cake stack kit will make the perfect Easter centre piece dessert. Ideal for sharing with up to 6 friends – enough for 2 little pieces each….or just order a spare tray bake for a larger party. You can then top up your cake stand once the original cake disappears.

If ordering as a delicious surprise for someone – they can freeze any spare pieces of cakes to enjoy at a later date.

Easter cake decorating ideas:

We decorated our gluten free chocolate brownie stack with additional chocolate mini eggs and pretty foil wrapped eggs. Lidl do a great range of inexpensive options. Crème eggs cut in half and placed on your stack, then drizzled with molten chocolate would look and taste super decadent.

Decoration ideas for easter cakesMoss is a great, natural decorating prop. You can position moss around the base of your cake stand. Or try fashioning cute little nests from it. You can buy moss from your local florist or even online.

Easter cake styling ideasSeasonal flowers always look so pretty and primrose leaves and flowers are edible, tasting a little bit like lettuce. We used sweet little yellow primroses in our latest photo shoot. For more info on edible flowers, Sarah Raven’s website is helpful

Easter cake decoration ideasCute little bunnies are hopping all over the internet at the moment. We found our reuseable white rabbit ornaments on ebay. You could even hide them amongst your cake stack & see who can find them, Easter treasure hunt style…..

If you really fancy kicking over the traces and having a proper calorific blow out then try drizzling dulce de leche lavishly over your cake stack. This Argentinean delicacy is made from condensed milk and is widely available from supermarkets.

Vintage tea cups are a perennial styling favourite here at Honeybuns. Try filling a cup with scrunched up paper & topping with moss, then finish off with a cluster of mini eggs. Place your cup on a mismatched saucer & line up miniature cake slices around the saucer. This is such a pretty and incredibly easy look to achieve.

Best Budget friendly Easter gift

Vegan Hot Chocolate Kit and Mug Snug – GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN £11.50

Easter hot chocolate kit with mug snugOur indulgent hot chocolate kit comes complete with cute little travel tin, a slice of hand made vegan brownie and this simply gorgeous hand knitted mug snug. These limited edition mug snugs are knitted in Dorset and are made from vegan wool. Perfect to surprise and delight a friend with over the Easter holidays .

Just add your favourite gluten free and vegan milk alternative for a dreamy “pud in a mug”.

Easter holiday baking ideas

– Take a look at our numerous gluten free recipe blogs for gluten free baking inspiration. For a spin on traditional Easter biscuits, our melt in the mouth Dorsety Whirls are divine.

– Treat someone to our gluten free cook book bundle. With both sweet and savoury baking ideas they will l be able to cook up a wonderful starter, main and dessert this holiday.

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– Emma Goss Custard

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