How to host the perfect Mother’s Day celebrations

With Mothering Sunday on 27th March this year, there is still plenty of time to plan something really special and personal for Mum. For all you busy bees, we’ve tried to take the sting out of the preparations (sorry!), thus allowing you to relax and enjoy the day.

Mother's Day giftsAfter all, spending time together and spoiling our loved ones rotten is long over due.

As with Valentine’s, which has morphed into Galentine’s and Palentine’s, we sense that this year Mother’s Day will have something of a positive transformation. We have the perfect opportunity to show our love and appreciation for grandmothers, aunties, best friends, pets and ourselves. Mother’s Day is ripe for reinvention and innovation and can be so much more than a hastily ordered bunch of “oh those again” flowers.

It’s those little thoughtful touches that will make your special lady(ies) feel like a Princess for the day.

For Top Mother’s day treats we’re thinking along the lines of:

a luxuriously lazy breakfast in bed, featuring chocolate brownies served on a vintage tray with pretty flowers on the side.

– an “at-home spa day” vibe – painting each others toenails whilst sipping something rather gorgeous and bubbly.

– making home baked, “tummy kind” gluten free and vegan treats to picnic on whilst snuggled up on the sofa, Netflix on tap.

– running your mum/designated special person a beautifully scented bath, with vegan lighted candles all around.

There are so many ways to spoil that special person without needing a silly sky high budget. After all, isn’t the greatest gift of all time…?

So, let’s get down to the detail of our Mothering Sunday Itinerary:

1. Chocolate brownies for Breakfast

These are non-negotiable. If you fancy making your own cakes we have a  fabulous gluten free, dairy free and vegan brownie recipe here. To make them into a really impressive centre piece, take a look at our quick video on how to stack them up to create a super chocolatey celebration stack.

If you’d rather buy freshly baked brownies ready made try googling “local cake bakeries near me” who can deliver. You’ll be doing your bit to help small businesses who will be appreciative of the custom. Don’t forget, we can also deliver to your door throughout the UK and have a lovely selection of chocolatey goodies and celebration stack kits available. We’d be delighted to help.

Serving Suggestion:

Your chosen brownies need to be eaten whilst enjoying a lie in. They truly taste better this way. You’ll be needing a breakfast tray. Have you got an old wooden tray that can be prettified ahead of time with a lick of pastel paint? All you then need is some pretty mismatched china and a scattering of flower petals. A tea cup filled with Springtime flowers is simple but really effective finishing touch.

2. At Home Spa Day Ideas

Key ingredients include a fluffy bathrobe and slippers which can be pre warmed on a towel rail. How about making a little wild flower corsage and pinning this on the front of her gown?

Chilled Bubbly is an easy win. Try Vineyard of Sherborne for a lovely UK bottle of bubbles. For a non boozy version we’re loving Hullabaloos mocktails. Freshly made in Somerset – so they’re practically Honeybuns neighbours.

Serving Suggestion:

Pop a fresh raspberry in the bottom of each glass before filling up. Try sourcing pretty vintage glasses from your local charity shop – little individual trifle glasses look great too.

3. Indoor picnic food

We’re thinking little nibbles – nothing too heavy. Maybe a slice of tasty quiche, some gluten free, seeded crackers and a selection of delicious dips? Followed, obviously, by cake. If you are wanting to make your own may we suggest our very own Honeybuns All Day Cook Book where you’ll discover easy gluten free, dairy free and vegan savoury recipes. We also have a great range of blog recipes too which you can access for free, including this one.

If you’d rather buy in treats, again try googling delis, farm shops and independent hamper companies who can deliver for you.

Serving Suggestion:

For an indoor picnic vibe search out a beautiful blanket to lay everything out on. On a practical note, placemats on top of the blanket will stop things from wobbling around too much. You’ll need a flower display, ideally picked from the garden. How about using a cute tea pot as a vase for a quirky, individual touch? Or fill your teapot with bubbly – Alice in Wonderland style. Adorn your picnic site with fairy lights. Battery operated ones or plug in from Lights 4 Fun are brilliant. Then scatter comfy cushions around and get ready to picnic in style.

4. Bath time fit for a Princess

How luxurious to have some one else to run a fabulously deep bath for you, warmed fluffy towels at the ready? Just add something divine to the water, a book or magazine to languidly peruse and something chilled to sip.

Serving suggestion:

For bath time goodies we highly recommend Enchanted Plants, based in Dorset. Gemma and her team create heavenly scented goodies from soaps to body lotions. Everything is vegan, eco friendly and artisan made.

Candles will add a Spa like touch to her ablutions. We love Dorset based The Rhubarb Candle Company for their delicious scents and eco credentials.

Seeking a thoughtful, handmade Mother’s day Gift to finish off a perfect day?

Each of these companies are known to us personally. They all create gorgeous, sustainable and unique items:

Enchanted Plants

The Rhubarb Candle Company

The Muddy Dog Company – purses, bags and more

Bek Bek Makes – brooches, jewellery and more

Yours Truly – Honeybuns. We’ve got lovely gifts and deliver anywhere in the UK.

Comment and share what you thought of this guide. Be sure to share this delicious recipe with a friend too. Thanks for reading!

– Emma Goss Custard

If you have any questions, do get in touch via this blog in the comments section, or via facebook, email or telephone.

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