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Recycling our packaging

Cake board inserts used in our individually wrapped cakes are recyclable. They are made from card from a sustainable source, and printed with vegetable-based inks. They're laminated with food safe laminate that doesn't compromise the breakdown of the cardboard.

The outer polypropylene film wrapper is not currently recyclable at kerbside. We are busy trying to find an environmentally friendly film to wrap our cakes that can be safely frozen without cracking. We feel it won't be long but if you can help please do contact us.

Foil trays used for traybakes are recyclable, food grade aluminium alloy.

Cardboard boxes are made from recycled material and printed using solvent-free ink. 

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Recycling at the bakery

All cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, metal, tin and aluminium foil is recycled. We invested in a compressing machine. We can load it with plastics including ingredient buckets, cardboard and anything else that can be recycled, and it turns them into small bales. We use a local recycling service to collect these baled paper, cardboard and plastic. The cardboard is distributed to paper mills, and the plastic is reprocessed. Waste electronic and electrical equipment is handled by a local recycling  company. Our aim is to be almost zero to landfill by 2020.

What else are we doing to      reduce our environmental footprint

solar panels reduce our electricity bills here at Naish Farm

Solar panels help power our bakery: on a sunny day, up to 40% of what we need.

Increased on site storage and bulk buying means fewer deliveries and reduced traffic to and from our site. Outgoing orders are collated and we use one collection/distribution company who collect them in one go.

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We work hard at producing our cakes as efficiently as possible. With improved efficiency we achieve growth without increasing our power usage by the same proportion. 


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