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It's no secret that here at Honeybuns we absolutely love bees!

So much so that we even have a bee on our logo. Here are some of the things we do to encourage bees at Naish Farm.

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How we're helping bees at Honeybuns

Our friends, Jacqui and Colin have just started their new family venture, Tom's Honey. They needed a nearby sheltered meadow with high hedges and plenty of bee friendly plants for their hives. 

Bees and the environment at honeybuns

Jacqui explained to us that bees need peace and quiet, shelter from the wind, and plenty of nectar rich plants close by. We've been planting bee friendly flowers, trees and hedges for a few years now plus we had a perfect sheltered spot in the Honeybuns nature reserve to offer them. There are now 5 hives here in the meadow and we are so happy to provide a safe, welcoming home to Tom's Bees. 

Bees and the environment at honeybuns

Below is a video of Jacqui moving the bees from their travel crates into their new hives here in our meadow. You can find more videos of their re-homing on our YouTube page.

How to have a bee friendly garden

september flowers

Here are our top tips to make your garden a bee haven all year round

As well planting bee friendly flowers such as catmint, Rosa Rugosa, phacelia and lavender, we're also allowing brambles and nettles a bit of space too. We're happy to set side some space for wild plants to thrive. Organic plants and seeds are best, as they've been grown without pesticides. 

We always try and use organic, avoiding using anything that has nasty chemicals. 

We've got a few bee houses dotted around the farm, in sunny spots, providing nesting spaces for solitary bees and insects. Easy to make yourself or buy online. If you make your own do make sure it has a waterproof roof.

We use shallow bowls with water, but add pebbles, stones, or even marbles in them to give the bees a surface to drink from so they won't drown.

Here are more of our tips on how to have a bee friendly garden


Our favourite Bee lovers and plant suppliers

Brigit Strawbridge - We love Brigit's blog. Her passion and knowledge on bees and pollinating knows no bounds. Look out for her book 'Bees, Trees and Herbal Teas' coming in 2019.   

meadow planting

Rosybee - A specialist grower of pesticide-free bee loving plants. 

Birds and Bees - seeds, flowers and bee houses

Dorset Beekeepers - our local association 

Bee conservation at honeybuns artisan bakery


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Take a peek at all our BeeGreen news on Em's Blog.

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