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Easy Peasy Gluten free Pea Cakes with Cucumber & Chilli Dipping Sauce recipe

Learn to make delicious gluten free Pea Cakes quick and simple recipe!

Hi there,

Here is the written version for our next Honeybuns bakealong video for our gorgeous Pea Cakes with Cucumber & Chilli Dipping Sauce.

This is another one bowl wonder and is really quick to put together.

pea cakes recipe and its gluten free too

WARNING: these little morsels are insanely moreish. We managed to munch through a couple each before taking any photos!

easy peasy pea cakes reicpe with step by step instructions

The idea is simple - you mix up the batter in a bowl & then fry off a couple at a time, just as you would do with drop scones. They are best eaten hot straight from the pan. If you’ve got friends round pre BBQ then you can cook them outside on a camping stove. We give our pals their own little dish of the gluten free dipping sauce plus 3 or 4 of the pea cakes to get the party started.

Alternatively, they are ideal for lazy morning brunches. During the school holidays I’m going to be feeding the kids and their pals these for post sleepover breakfasts.  

You can also bake this as a tray bake or this mixture will also make 12 muffin sized bites in a 12 hole muffin pan. You’ll need to bake for 18 mins at 180°C / Gas 4.

I wouldn’t recommend freezing these- as they really are best eaten hot from the pan or oven.

The Cucumber & Chilli dipping sauce is insanely good but a bit of a faff in terms of the number of ingredients. If you want a speedy easy version just dice up cucumber as small as you can and mix with chopped garlic , Encona sweet chilli sauce, fresh chopped coriander leaves & a squeeze of lemon juice. Both the pea cake & the dipping sauce recipes are adapted from the Honeybuns All Day Cook Book.

I’ve not tried this as a vegan version yet but I will give it a go in due course and let you know how I get on. It will be super simple to use plant based alternatives for the cheese etc. I just need to work out a good swap for the eggs.

This recipe will make 25-30 pea cakes

As ever, I’ve included swapsie ingredient ideas in brackets. Wishing you happy cupboard rummaging!

Take a look at Em's bake-along video 

For a step by step visual guide, please do check out Em's live bake-along video below.

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What ingredients do I need to make easy Gluten free Pea Cakes?

125g fresh or frozen peas - if using frozen then have them slightly defrosted.

100g crème fraiche (or fromage frais, thick plain yoghurt or soured cream).

12 (approx.) fresh mint leaves, chopped or torn (or if you prefer basil, thyme or coriander….)

100g butter, melted and cooled slightly (or light olive oil, corn , sunflower, refined coconut or rapeseed oil)

150ml milk

2 eggs

100g vegetarian cheddar (we use Pilgrim’s Choice or any other grateable tasty cheese you prefer).

160g gluten free plain flour (or use you favourite blend. We use 85g polenta & 75g sorghum here)

1½ tsp gluten free baking powder

1tsp cracked black pepper or ground white pepper. I prefer the ground white in this recipe

A pinch of salt- optional

Oil or melted butter for frying


For the Cucumber & Chilli dipping sauce you need:

cucumber & chilli dipping sauce recipe

½ red chilli finely chopped 9use any chilli you prefer but red looks pretty!)

¼ approx cucumber diced as finely as you can

2 tbsp mirin wine (rice wine)

1 tbsp seasame seeds, toasted

3 tbsp honey, runny (or agave nectar, maple syrup, light date juice…will all work well)

1½ tbsp gluten free soy sauce

2 tbsp toasted sesame oil

1 garlic clove, finely chopped

2 tbsp fresh coriander or mint finely chopped


What kit will I need?

Mixing bowl

Whisk or electric mixer

Frying pan

Fish Slice

Camping stove or hob


How to make your super easy gluten free Pea Cakes:

gluten free pea cakes recipe

Here’s my method:

Optional – you can lightly mash the peas with a fork or leave them whole.

Place all the ingredients in the mixing bowl

Mix using an electric handheld mixer or old fashioned whisk until you get a light cream coloured batter. You need to ensure all the ingredients are well blended with no flour lumps left in it

Heat a frying pan with some oil or pop your oven on if you are doing muffins or the tray bake

Spoon a teensy but of batter in the pan- if it frazzles- your pan is hot enough.

Add a couple of dollops of batter mix at a time. Each pea cake will use approx 2 tbs batter mix.

Allow to cook in the pan for 1-2 mins- you need to keep an eye on the heat- smoke means too hot and your cakes will burn.

Using a fish slice, gently peek under the pea cake – it should e a lovely golden colour. Flip them over to cook the other side for a coule of minutes.

When both sides are a lovely mid golden- brown colour they are ready.

Slide out of the pan & place in front of friends, stand back and watch them disappear….


Top Tip:

Once you’ve cooked one side and you’re ready to flip, sprinkle some spare cheese on the uncooked side then flip over for extra cheesy delicious-ness.


How to make your super easy gluten free cucumber & chilli dipping sauce

Here’s my method:

1.Finely chop your cucumber as finely as possible

2. Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl & wix together with a fork

3. It’s that simple! Decant into little bowls- one for each guest & start dipping.


Top Tip:

If you make this the day before & store in the fridge the flavours will really develop & infuse the cucumber.



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