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Elevate your humble breakfast yoghurt with a sprinkling of punchy pistachio

Ever thought of travelling to the Far East for just the morning?

With our trick on how to give your yoghurt a Persian twist you’ll be half way there!

Almond & Lightly Salted Pistachio cookie

Simply use chopped pistachios with a sprinkle of cinnamon or a dash of rose water to transport you into a world of exoticness. Frozen yoghurt works great with these spices too!

We’re great lovers of pistachios in our cakes. When Emma first started Honeybuns in 1998, she primarily used recipes that had been handed down to her from her mother and grandmother, both of whom were keen home bakers.

Many of the recipes passed on to her were established from the time her grandmother spent traveling around Northern Italy and were heavily influenced by Italian ingredients that she used as alternatives to wheat flour, many of which were naturally gluten free.

Emma’s fundamental aim was to make the best tasting cakes possible, but eliminate the gluten by using ingredients she preferred over wheat flour. This meant that she began to introduce substitutes such as polenta, ground almonds and pistachios, which all give an amazing dept of flavour and texture.

Since then, although Honeybuns’ recipes have developed considerably and the business has grown massively, we still value the importance of these ingredients and use them on a daily basis.

Our Almond & Lightly Salted Pistachio Cookie is a prime example of this. Both gluten and dairy free, the sweet versus salty taste is a delicious reminder of our honey, salt and pistachio ingredients, with added rice syrup lending a lovely chewiness to this gorgeous treat! Why not try crumbling one of these on your yoghurt too? 



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