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Festive Orange Slices

Decorative dried orange slice on ribbon

This is such an easy way to kick start the old Christmas spirit.

Your house will smell delicious and you’ll finish up with lots of very pretty decorations, all au naturel.


Large oranges, enough for however many slices you desire. A large orange will yield around 6 slices.

Light brown sugar to sprinkle

Icing sugar to dust

Optional whole star anise to decorate

How To Make

Dried orange and apple slices

Preheat your oven to 100°C /212°F/ Gas Mark ¼.

Slice your oranges into 1 cm thick discs.

Rest them on kitchen towel and “blot” the slices with more kitchen towel to mop up any juice.

Line a Baking sheet, 33.5 x 32cm, with baking parchment and carefully transfer the orange slices onto the lined baking sheet.

Bake in the oven for 2½ –3 hours, turning the slices over half way through the cooking time.

If you sprinkle the slices with light brown sugar prior to baking you’ll end up with a lovely, glittery frosting. 

Icing sugar, sieved over the slices, will give a satiny sheen.

You can also pop star anise in the centres of the slices or all around the edge.

Once fully dried you can thread pretty ribbon through each slice, near the top. You can do this by carefully pushing a section of orange flesh away from the outer rind, by hand, to create space for the ribbon.

Top Tips

Pink grapefruits and lemons work well too.

Christmas tree with dried orange slices
Decorated Honeybuns Christmas tree with orange slices

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