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Gluten Free Cappuccino Cake

Making a gluten free cake doesn't have to be hard when you've got a Honeybuns cake mix!

This delicious coffee cake is super easy to make with our gluten free cake mix and looks and tastes so delicious, no one will ever guess how quick it took to make it! Win win!  

The texture of this cake is very similar to Mediterranean almond/polenta based cakes. Namely they are more "low rise" and moister than a typical "sponge cake".

Cappuccino star cake from above

Suitable for: Gluten free

To make this cake dairy free, we would recommend that you use rapeseed oil, replacing the 170g butter with 170 ml of rapeseed oil.


1 x Honeybuns Cake Mix

2 Eggs

170g Butter, melted

200ml Very strong coffee, cooled


100g Butter, softened

200g Icing sugar

1 tsp Vanilla extract

Instant powdered coffee, for dusting

Method for the cake 

Firstly, grease and line a 7”/18cm round cake tin and pre-heat the oven to 180°C / Gas 4.

Next, empty the cake mix into a large bowl, add the 2 eggs and stir.

Melt the butter and slowly add this to the mixture, then whisk until a smooth batter is formed.

Next, add the coffee and stir thoroughly before adding the mixture into the tin.

Bake for 25-30 minutes until golden brown and well risen.

We suggest that you use a clean skewer in order to check your cake is baked in the middle, as sometimes it can look brown on the outside but isn't fully cooked yet. 

Once you've removed your cake from the oven, allow it to sit for a minute before turning it out onto a wire rack and leaving it to cool before icing. 

Half of the cappuccino star cake

Method for the icing

To make the butter cream, put the slightly softened butter into a bowl and beat with an electric whisk until light and fluffy.

Sieve the icing sugar into the butter and whizz for 2 minutes, then add the vanilla extra and whisk again until it has all come together. 

Transfer your butter cream onto your fully cooled cake and distribute evenly before lightly dusting with a powdered coffee and decorating with your choice of topping! We've opted for chocolate stars! 

Why not try...

We only used 1 cake mix for this recipe, however if you wanted to make a 2 tier cake, why not use 2 cake mixes and double the amount of icing to sandwich it together?

Our cake mixes are super versatile, so why not try making our Peppermint Chocolate Cake?

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Gluten free cappuccino cake on plate



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