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What Katie ate at the weekend. Katie Quinn Davies. Saltyard Books 2015. 

What Katie  Ate at the weekend review

‘What Katie ate…at the weekend’ is an utterly beautiful read that makes you want to go all Mary Poppins and jump straight in. Being a talented graphic designer, photographer and cook she has made us all feel like less than adequate human beings, but despite the slight jealously, we thoroughly enjoyed the read.

Each photo is a work of art. The recipes are tasty, fun and super healthy, exactly what we need to get us in the mood for an English summer. From burgers to buckwheat pancakes, she gives you in-depth instructions along with a little background story to give you an idea as to what inspired the dish. It’s obvious how naturally cooking and photography comes to Katie. Many are set up to look like she was just about to take a bite and remembered she was writing a book, so whipped out her camera to take a perfect shot, first time.

I particularly enjoyed recipe 27 which is almost an adaptation of my favourtie Austrian dish, Apple Strudel, I will be trying that as soon as possible. If you need a little help getting into the spirit of the warm(er) season give this a read. I guarantee you’ll almost be able to feel the Australian sun shining down on your back as you flick through the pages. 

Please note this is not a specific gluten free title.

Kenko Kitchen. Kate Bradley. Hardie Grant Books 2015.

Kenko kitchen

Kenko kitchen book review

As the title suggests- Kenko- the Japanese word for health, is perfectly represented in this book. The simple, textured front cover steers you away from the glossy magazine shoot expectation that many health advocates buy into and leads you down an idyllic yet realistic and achievable lifestyle experience.

Kate’s inspiration behind this book certainly was refreshing. Having come to the conclusion that by making healthier food to share with her friends and family, she was effectively helping them to keep fit and with any luck, stick around for longer, which enabled her to take a new perspective on how to cook.

Thankfully, she’s also no stranger to indulgence, with recipes including molten chocolate pudding and various sweet tarts. She manages to strike a great balance with healthy counterparts like edamame guacamole and chia seed jam. The recipes are completely satisfying and could give you final push to start living a slightly healthier lifestyle.

This is a gluten free title.

Bill's: The cookbook. Bill Collison. Cook Eat Smile. Saltyard Books 2011.

Bill's the Cookbook review

‘Who even is Bill?’ This was one of the many questions that I needed answered having been to one of the infamous Bill’s restaurants that have recently exploded (in a good way if that’s possible) all over the nation.

This book will give you the answer to this question, and if you’ve never heard of Bills, it will certainly give you an insight.

The content conveys Bills unconditional love for eating. Anywhere, any way, anytime, it just has to be good food. He shares his secrets on how to make the best Italian tomato sauce and homemade lemon curd, making sure we know that his recipes are for real life occasions and the food is made for sharing. There was also an overwhelming feeling of gratitude running through the book. A hard working greengrocer come successful business owner, achieved through passion, sweat and a few tears perhaps. He worked hard, dreamed big and succeeded. After all, who doesn’t like a story of a triumphant underdog? 

Please note this is not a specific gluten free title.

Milly’s Real Food by Nicola Millbank. HQ, 2017.

Millys Real Food recipe book

“A little bit of what you fancy does you good” is Milly’s motto and we couldn’t really agree more. Of course, we should all be eating a balanced, healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise - however there’s nothing wrong with occasionally enjoying copious amounts of cheese or a cheeky chocolate brownie. Her debut book reflects this - there are pages of delicious and nutritious snacks and meals, but interspersed throughout are delightfully indulgent recipes that don’t hold back. Everything is fairly fuss-free and Milly makes use of common ingredients and easy methods to get her food on the table.

Whilst it’s not specifically a free-from cookbook, there are plenty of gluten free and dairy free recipes to try out in your kitchen.

Please note that this is not a specific gluten free title.

The 15 Minute Vegan by Katy Beskow. Quadrille Publishing, 2017.

The 15 minute vegan by Katy Beskow

If you hear the word ‘vegan’ and think ‘beige, bland and boring’, then this cookbook should put your misconceptions to rest. The recipes are so vibrant and colourful - purple, orange, green and red all spring off the pages as you flick through the book. There’s no compromise on flavour either - the focus is on the use of fresh herbs, ground spices, fruits and veggies to make the recipes sing. And the title doesn’t lie either; everything is quick to make, modern and bang on trend. Cook up a few of these meals and you’re bound to be popular with friends and family - and we bet they wouldn’t even suspect that most of them are vegan.

Please note that this is not a specific gluten free title.

Gloriously Gluten Free by Susanna Booth. Octopus Books, 2015.

Gloriously Gluten free by Susanna booth

The gorgeous cake that adorns the front cover of this cookbook had me fooled into thinking that this was solely a collection of sweet recipes - that will teach me to not read the blurbs! I was pleasantly surprised to find that it actually also contains a large selection of savoury snacks and mains, so it’s very versatile and a great all-rounder. The recipes are simple classics but they’re foolproof - it’s a good book for new gluten free bakers or novice cooks. Like most free-from recipe books are doing these days, many of the recipes can also be adapted to be dairy free - an added bonus. Have a look on page 184 for the gluten free ice cream cones - perfect for summer and we’re definitely going to give them a try!

This is a specific gluten free title.



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