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Fun name, but what is it?

Fun name, but what is it?

coppice cake

We do like getting creative when it comes to naming our cakes. Some of our more imaginative names have included Scrumdiddleyumptious Cookie, Mooosh Bar, Rudolf's Reward, and Almond Moon. As fun as these names are, they give very few clues as to what type of cake it is.

We're a truly artisan brand, designed for food service and for customer delight.  

With this in mind, we thought we would make some of the more elusive cake names in our current range a bit more obvious, and so this has led to recent name changes to a couple of our cakes...

Our Coppice Cake used to have a squirrel on the packaging and we're sure it must have deterred quite a few people who thought the cake might actually be made from squirrel! So we re-introduced this cake, adding freeze dried cranberries on top, and renamed it Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate & Cranberry Cake

Hazelnut Dark Chocolate and cranberry cake


our heathcliff brownie has been renamed dark chocolate & orange borwnie

The Heathcliff Brownie, originally named after Emily Bronte's dark and brooding romantic hero, is now renamed Dark Chocolate & Orange Brownie.

gluten free Snowy hills is now called lemon & ginger shortbread

Named after the winter views we have from the bakery of snow capped hills, the new name for this cake is Lemon & Ginger Shortbread.

our newly named gluten free and vegan oaty dark choc bar with coconut

We also thought whilst we were at it that we would tweak the name for the Oaty Coconut Bar with Dark Chocolate. So it is now called Oaty Dark Choc Bar with Coconut. We hope it's slightly less tongue twisting!

We're constantly reviewing and tweaking our range, looking at how anything can be improved and taking much valued feedback from customers into consideration.

recent updates to our range of foodservice gluten free cakes

A few months ago we rebooted the Oaty Raspberry Bar as we weren't happy with the oaty base and thick icing topping. The new version has a deeper raspberry flavour, the base has added sultanas and is lighter in texture, and it's all now topped off with a pretty pink drizzle of icing. 

recent range tweaks

Another cake we thought could do with improvement was the Squillionaire. It certainly divided opinion, with some customers absolutely loving it and others really not liking the intense date flavour. And so it's now been replaced by the Millionaire's Slice. The Millionaire's Slice is less intensely flavoured with dates and the base is more discernibly biscuity and crunchy. The chocolate topping remains the same. 

Feedback on these changes so far has been really positive but we're always keen to hear what you think. Do get in touch and let us know.



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