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Gorgeously gluten free Home Baking Mixes

Gluten free cake mixes from Honeybuns

We like to feel that we've set new standards in the realm of off-the-shelf home baking mixes with our gluten free  Sponge Cake Mix and Cornbread Mix, and we hope to add to the range later this year. Suitable for coeliacs, they have received rave reviews from our consumer testing panel and café customers.

Our customers, both online and in our on-site café, let us know they wanted to create gorgeous tasting treats at home. These gourmet mixes are brilliant must-haves in the cupboard for when you need a quick but high-end treat. 

Our versatile Sponge Cake Mix has a nuttiness and slightly caramelised flavour owing to the use of ground flaxseed and brown sugar respectively. Rather than using processed flours we have embraced some of the more luxurious naturally gluten free ingredients on the market. Being gluten free is an added bonus and will give anyone the possibility of being able to rustle up a sumptuous and delicious gluten free sponge cake - simply add butter and eggs. It's delicious baked naked but is extremely versatile and can be adapted to use seasonal ingredients. The Sponge Cake Mix was awarded a Gold Star in the prestigious Great Taste Awards 2014.

cakemix made up

The super versatile gluten free savoury Cornbread Mix makes either a cornbread bake or a pancake batter. Cornbread muffins, toad in the hole, fat crunchy croutons…and more are super easy to make - just add free-range eggs, melted butter and a splash of milk. We use our own blend of luxurious naturally gluten free ingredients including polenta, sorghum flour, and tapioca flour. 

cornbread mix muffins

These competitively priced mixes come in beautifully designed retro-inspired reusable cardboard tubes. Ingredients are wrapped in cellophane with easy to follow instructions, and the mixes comes with recipe ideas and serving suggestions. They make excellent store cupboard treats and the sweetest of gifts. Em's blog features other recipe adaptations for both mixes. 

For further Sponge Cake Mix and Cornbread Mix samples, costs, wholesaler information, and point of sale, please contact us.



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