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Gluten-Free Heaven April May 2015

Gluten free heaven April May 2015

Gluten-Free Heaven April/May 2015


Table Talk    Emma Goss-Custard

The Honeybuns' supremo talks to us about the ongoing success of her Dorset dream...

Passed down through the generations, I’d like to say my interest in gluten-free cooking was a brilliant example of business foresight but the gluten free aspect was a happy accident. My mum and my gran were both very proficient and innovative bakers. They were using naturally free-from ingredients such as ground almonds and polenta because of their wonderful textures and flavours. When coeliacs started to ask if the products could be guaranteed safe for them to eat, we made the decision to turn Honeybuns entirely gluten-free.

The key is experimentation
The biggest challenge of gluten-free baking is probably the fact that you do need to think outside the box a little bit. There are so many gluten free flours out there and therefore infinite blends to be tried and tested. This can seem a little daunting, but at Honeybuns we embrace the opportunity to get stuck in and try things out. I love experimenting. The permutations are endless.

The perfect cake
To get the best results from gluten-free cakes, ensure your gluten-free baking powder is in date and use it with half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. With loaf cakes, a smaller loaf will generally rise and bake more evenly than a larger version. A lovely blend of flours for most 'sponge' like cakes is: ground almonds, sorghum and polenta or tapioca flour. You can mix and store your own in glass kilner jars.

Tray amondi

Delicious alternatives
We use a lot of gluten-free alternatives to flour. I just love ground almonds while my other go to essentials are ground almonds, sorghum flour, tapioca flour and polenta. We have also had great results with coconut, soya, milled pumpkin seed and sunflower seed flours. We create all our own blends rather than buying off the shelf. This is because we find that each recipe needs a tailor made flour blend for best results. Off the peg mixes are excellent general purpose flours, but would not be as good (in our opinion) as specifically tailored ones.

Future Plans
Our second cook book will be out in the Spring of 2016. We’re currently halfway through the recipe creation process and then we’ll swing into testing mode. Our Bee Shack Café will be open for drinks and gluten-free cakes on Saturday April 4. The online shop is also growing with beautiful gifts as well as cakes being added this year.

Gluten-free glamping
IDuring our special gluten-free 'glamping' weekends, our visitors are spoilt rotten! The Ark caravan itself has it’s own tea making facilities and the Bee Shack gluten-free kitchen is available to be used and is very well equipped. There is a lovely welcome bag filled with local goodies - all gluten-free. We’ve been told the 'glamping' bathroom is simply gorgeous by all of our guests. We provide all bed linen, towels, equipment and appliances.

You can find out more about this edition here

Bee shack
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