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Product Formats

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Case Sizes

Cookies supplied 24 per case
Narrow individual slices supplied 16 per case or 40 per case
Regular individual slices supplied 30 per case
Mini individual slices supplied 24 per case
Traybakes supplied 3 per case. We can supply these cut and uncut.

We supply mixed cases:
10x Milk Chocolate Brownie regular 75g individual slices, 10x Plain Flapjack regular 75g individual slices, 10x Snowy Hills regular 85g individual slices 
1x Milk Chocolate Brownie 950g traybake, 1x Snowy Hills 1kg traybake, 1x Plain Flapjack 950g traybake 

Nutritional information 

Please contact us for detailed nutritional information, ingredients lists, product specification sheets and product photos.

Freezing, best before dating and cake care

Our products contain no added preservatives so are frozen to extend life before they leave the bakery.

The products are delivered frozen to our wholesalers who in turn deliver them frozen to retailers. Retailers can then defrost a few pieces at a time - based on how many they think will be sold within the ambient shelf life of the product.

We mark each case of cake with a frozen best before date and a batch number before it leaves the bakery. We also indicate the ambient shelf life (in days) of the product once it is defrosted. It is not possible to date each individual piece because the best before date of each individual piece will depend on when the retailer defrosts the cake.

For example, if the retailer defrosts a case of Almond Moon (10 days shelf life) on the 10th of August, then they would date stamp each individual piece with a best before date of 20th August. If they kept the Almond Moon in their freezer a little longer, for example until the 2nd of September, then they would date stamp each individual piece with a best before date of 12th September.

We liaise closely with our trading standards officer on all of our labelling requirements to ensure that we are compliant with current trading standards law.

Once defrosted, it is very important that the retailer then pops the correct best before date on each slice of cake. The best before label goes over the film wrapper. Call us if you need shelf life info.

Please don't let our cakes melt. Keep away from extremes of temperature.

In case of any problems with your cakes, please record the batch number from the outer Honeybuns box. We can trace the batch in question.

Downloadable Cake Care advice is available.

Baking Mixes

Baking mixes

Our luxurious Sponge Cake Mix is available to trade customers. It comes in either a beautiful gifting tube or in sachets. Please contact us for further information and trade prices.

Pack size
Mix tubes supplied 6 per case
Mix sachets supplied 10 per case 

Allergen information

Everything we make is gluten free, and we also have a range of dairy free products available.

allergens we handle on site are: peanuts, nuts, egg, milk, soya, sulphites.

All our production either contain, or may contain, peanut and other nuts.

Once the wrapper is removed from the cakes, it is your responsibility to keep the cakes allergen free.

Download the above Allergen Data here.

Download Allergen info for all our products here

Our Squillionaire, Oaty Coconut Bar,  Oaty Apricot Bar, Oaty Raspberry Bar, Fruity Nut Bar and Oaty Coconut Bar with Dark Chocolate are all registered with the Vegan Society. You can find our Vegan FAQ's here.

Vegan society certificate

Sourcing Policy

Read our Sourcing Policy here.


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