BeeGreen bakery

Naish Farm

We are so lucky to be situated in the heart of the Blackmore Vale in North Dorset. The landscape is one of lush, undulating fields and ancient oak trees.

Our bakery buildings originate from a medieval farmstead, and more recently formed part of a working dairy farm. Farming stopped in 2000 and we moved here in 2001. Where once cows grazed, the sward is abuzz with butterflies, bees and native flora. By giving nature a looser rein, Naish Farm is now wilder, woollier and more beautiful than ever.

The launch of our BeeGreen initiative

We wanted our passion for nature to be reflected in our day to day business practices.

By creating an initiative, we could hold ourselves to account and seek to improve our green credentials in practical ways. These include:

Over the past 23 years we have planted over 10,000 trees and hedging plants at the farm.
Solar panels help power our bakery; on a sunny day, up to 40% of what we need.
We currently have 4 conventional beehives in the Honeybuns nature reserve to promote pollination.
We also have an innovative humane “Freedom” hive installed by Matt Sommerville. Read more about our love of bees here.
A pollinator friendly orchard was planted in 2013.
A new insect and butterfly friendly garden is being created in 2024.
We’re proud supporters of Big Yellow Bus Garden Project, and together we are working on a host of green initiatives.

Your custom enables us to direct more funds to planting trees, hedging and native flowers.

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All the cardboard used in your order is recyclable, biodegradable and printed using solvent-free ink.
We use an environmentally friendly paper based alternative to bubble wrap. Made in the UK.
The shred we use is FSC approved source, recyclable, biodegradable. Made in the UK.
The glassine bags we use are 100% recyclable, biodegradable. Made in the UK.
We minimise the use of sticky labels where possible by printing on our cardboard boxes.
The card in our cake slice packs is from a sustainable source, printed with vegetable-based inks, and coated with food safe laminate that doesn’t compromise the breakdown of the cardboard.
The polypropylene film used to wrap our cake slices and traybakes is readily recyclable. Most large UK supermarkets, led by Tescos, now accept soft plastics for recycling. Read Em’s blog detailing the packaging choices we’ve made and why.
The foil trays we bake in are recyclable, food grade aluminium alloy.

What else are we doing to reduce our environmental footprint?

We’ve reduced the number of deliveries by increasing our on site storage and bulk buying.
Outgoing orders are collected all in one go. Filling a lorry up is more efficient and greener.
We seek to continuously improve our green credentials. For example, we switched from disposable blue paper towel to sensor operated hand dryers in the production areas to reduce waste.
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Animal Welfare

When sourcing ingredients, animal welfare is one of our top priorities. We were awarded the Compassion in World Farming Good Egg Award in recognition to our ongoing commitment to only using cage-free eggs. All our vegan products are registered with the Vegan Society.

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