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Chocolate brownie with white chocolate drizzle and flower decorations

Gluten free and vegetarian Easter lunch and dessert recipe ideas

It has become a bit of a tradition at Naish Farm to lay out a buffet style Easter lunch which looks bright and beautiful but is actually easy peasy to put together. Here we share two of our favourite gluten free and vegetarian recipes with you including an exceedingly pretty vegan chocolate brownie dessert idea.

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Minted wraps recipe

Best Gluten Free pancake recipes for Shrove Tuesday

Much as we adore our annual feast of traditional pancakes with lemon & sugar, this year we fancied something a little different. Our easy, delicious, gluten free pancake recipes might just inspire you to try something a little bit more adventurous this year.

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The best free-from coleslaw recipe

This gluten free coleslaw includes our dairy free / vegan dressing. It’s so quick and easy to make and tastes seriously delicious. We’ve includes swapsies for a Winter Slaw option too. We call this ‘Dunc’s Slaw’, so called after the coleslaw Em’s brother Duncan serves at his Newcastle eatery, Camera Shop.

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Gluten free Cheesy Pea Tian recipe

Gluten free cheesy pea tian recipe

Easy peasy vegetarian Cheesy Pea Tian recipe for a perfect summer supper! A tian is a classic dish from the South of France. The word ‘tian’ refers to a traditional  Provençal dish used, that goes from oven to table. It’s usually filled with thinly sliced vegetables, often with cheese, and baked

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