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Natural fruit ice lollies recipe

All natural dairy free and vegan fruit ice lollies recipe

With the weather looking to reach high temperatures over the weekend, we thought we’d share our favourite Fruit Coolers lolly recipe with you. What better way to cool down than with these Fruit Coolers! Homemade lollies have never tasted so good. They’re a doddle to make so get the children

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The best free-from coleslaw recipe

This gluten free coleslaw includes our dairy free / vegan dressing. It’s so quick and easy to make and tastes seriously delicious. We’ve includes swapsies for a Winter Slaw option too. We call this ‘Dunc’s Slaw’, so called after the coleslaw Em’s brother Duncan serves at his Newcastle eatery, Camera Shop.

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Gluten free Cheesy Pea Tian recipe

Gluten free cheesy pea tian recipe

Easy peasy vegetarian Cheesy Pea Tian recipe for a perfect summer supper! A tian is a classic dish from the South of France. The word ‘tian’ refers to a traditional  Provençal dish used, that goes from oven to table. It’s usually filled with thinly sliced vegetables, often with cheese, and baked

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Vegan Oaty Raspberry Flapjack

Vegan certified raspberry flapjack recipe

We’re always being asked how we get our vegan and dairy free flapjacks to taste so home made. Many customers enjoy one of our Honeybuns cakes, only to then be told it was gluten free and vegan. Often they tell us they were pleasantly surprised and would not necessarily have

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