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Chocolate brownie with white chocolate drizzle and flower decorations

Gluten free and vegetarian Easter lunch and dessert recipe ideas

It has become a bit of a tradition at Naish Farm to lay out a buffet style Easter lunch which looks bright and beautiful but is actually easy peasy to put together. Here we share two of our favourite gluten free and vegetarian recipes with you including an exceedingly pretty vegan chocolate brownie dessert idea.

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Easter egg

Easy vegan Easter lunch recipes

Happy Easter count down everyone! Here at Naish Farm, Honeybuns Bakery HQ, we’re lucky to be bordered by woolly hedges and a magical ancient drove way. As well as being stunningly beautiful, our dapple shaded drove offers up edible delights throughout the year. Blackberries, hazelnuts, young nettles and wild rose

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Nutritious, additive free, home made, seasonal rose hip syrup recipe

Learn to make home made, free from rose hip syrup for your store cupboard Fancy boosting your vitamin intake and your immune system naturally? Then this gorgeous, seasonal rose hip syrup recipe may well be up your particular Boulevard. Rose hips contain 20 times the amount of vitamin C  of
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vegan aubergine dip

Vegan Smoky Aubergine Dip Recipe

Discover how to make this stunningly simple aubergine dip! This super easy and incredibly moreish vegan dip recipe is packed with roasted aubergine and there are lots of swapsie ingredients you can use instead. You can have a good rootle pootle through your freezer/fridge/cupboards for alternatives. Like most of our

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Gluten free flours guide

Honeybuns store cupboard ingredients

Store cupboard ingredients. Welcome to another of our Honeybuns Lockdown Baking sessions. We’ve had a lot of questions coming in from our gorgeous customers regarding gluten free flours and how to use them. It is indeed a potentially confusing area, with so many free from flours on the market, where

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Tray of dips and tapenades in little bowls, with crackers

Easy gluten free & dairy free crackers recipe

Hallo Welcome to another of our super duper easy and adaptable gluten free recipe. Taken from Honeybuns All Day Cook Book, this cracker dough is ridiculously quick to make and requires no previous cooking knowledge. You can sub in other ingredients if you haven’t got the exact same ones in

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Half Jams Recipe

  This recipe is one of our store kitchen cupboard superstars. So called as they take half the time and half the hassle to make as normal jam. They also contain a smidgen of added sugar compared to their shop bought counterparts. Runnier than a regular jam and packed to the rafters with flavour.

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