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A Flipping Marvellous Pancake Recipe

Gluten free pancakes with cream and banana

These indulgent pancakes are made with our gluten free cornbread mix. We layered ours with bananas, creme fraiche, Dulce de Leche and chocolate chunks.

Best served straight from the pan.

Recipe makes 30 mini or 6 large pancakes

Cooking time 2 mins

1x Honeybuns Cornbread Mix made up as per instructions but using 150mls milk rather than 2tbs,
1tbs rapeseed oil per large pancake for frying.

Make up the mix with 150mls milk.

Gluten free pancakes with syrup and chocolate chips

Whisk until a really smooth batter is formed.

Heat 1tbs rapeseed oil in a non stick frying pan or wok.

Pour your batter in and fry until golden brown both sides.

Fancy savoury pancakes? Take a look at our Gluten free Pancakes as Tortilla Wraps and Rinky Dink Honeybuns Pancake Bites recipes.



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