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All natural dairy free and vegan fruit ice lollies recipe

With the weather looking to reach high temperatures over the weekend, we thought we'd share our favourite Fruit Coolers lolly recipe with you. 

fruity homemade fruit lollies on marble worktop

What better way to cool down than with these Fruit Coolers! Homemade lollies have never tasted so good. They're a doddle to make so get the children involved. We've used fresh raspberries but feel free to use what you wish. Other fruits worth trying are strawberry, peach and blackcurrant. These also taste incredible with a slug of liquor if the kiddlers have gone to bed.

Use lolly moulds, or as shown in our photos you can use ice trays instead. 

Who can enjoy these lollies?

whether you're young or old, these lollies can be enjoyed by everyone! They're free from gluten, dairy, nuts, and are vegan.

How many lollies does this make?

This recipe makes 10 lollies, using standard moulds.

What makes these Fruit Coolers special?

Well apart from being utterly delicious and natural, we've also included our secret ingredient - Raspberry Pesto. 

This flavour packed pesto is super simple to make and can be whizzed up in a couple of minutes. We've departed from the traditional confines of pesto by embracing fruit for this pest o for desserts. We're using seeds to make it nut free, but you can always add in toasted pistachios, almonds or hazelnuts if you have them to hand. We're all for experimenting with ingredients - simply have a rummage through your store cupboard and get creative with the flavours.

fruity ice lollies in ice cube mould

What ingredients do I need to make my Fruit Coolers?

250ml coconut cream

6 mint leaves

2 mangoes, peeled and diced

1/2 tsp vanilla paste

Raspberry Pesto ingredients:

200g fresh or frozen raspberries

25g pine nuts, toasted

12 mint leaves

2 tbsp liquid sweetener of choice (maple syrup works well)

fruity ice lollies in ice cube mould

A step-by-step guide to making these refreshing Fruit Coolers

These are faff free to make!

Start by making your Raspberry Pesto. Simply place all the Raspberry Pesto ingredients in a food processor and blitz for 1 minute to make a smooth paste. You'll then need to scrape down the sides of the bowl and blitz for a further 30 seconds. 

Then add the coconut cream, mint leaves, diced mangos and vanilla paste to the food processor with the fruity pesto and blitz for up to 2 minutes.

Pour into your lolly moulds and freeze overnight. 


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Honeybuns All Day Cook Book front cover

This recipe is taken from Honeybuns All Day Cook Book. Filled with over 100 gluten free and vegetarian recipes, this cook book is a must have for your recipe book collection. 

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