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Cham 2

This super easy recipe is a cross between a chutney and jam! Brilliant served with cheeses.

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Fruit leathers 2

Fruit leathers are pureed fruit, spread out and slowly dried, then rolled up to store.

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Congo bar from book 1

This recipe is taken from Honeybuns Gluten free Baking and is an adapted version of the Congo Bar’s we make in the bakery.

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Honeybuns book cover

This recipe is from our book Honeybuns Gluten free Baking, and is used in various recipes in the book.

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Bee Shack opening 2

We’d love to see you on Saturday, 5th September to celebrate the Bee Shack’s 10th Birthday. There will be gluten free Birthday cake, balloons and bubbles as well as the usual array of homemade cakes and drinks on offer.

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