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Adapted from the Make Do & Mend Cake featured on our Sponge Cake Mix insert sheet, this makes a lovely Christmas cake. We served this in our festive Bee Shack cafe open day last Saturday.

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cherry and hazelnut trifle 4

Delicious gluten free trifle, perfect for entertaining over Christmas.

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Goats cheese beetroot cornbread bake

This makes a lovely easy bake, made using our adaptable new Cornbread Mix. Alternatively bake in a mini muffin tin to make perfect gluten free canapés.

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Tinker and honey spoon

We thought it might be helpful to share some of the research we've used in our quest to address the sugar issue.

As mentioned in the Part 1 blog, we’re really keen on using more honey. It has been around for aeons, tastes lovely, works well in baked goods and has health benefits (antiseptic action & high in antioxidants).

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Honey spoon

Wow! We knew the whole sugar topic was controversial but after having done a bit of research over the past few weeks it has proved to be an explosively emotive and complex area for punters and the food industry to navigate. There is no one simple solution but we have identified a three-pronged strategy, which we are now working on to launch in 2015.

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