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Bill's the Cookbook review

We're lucky to have a well stocked recipe book shelf here at Honeybuns. We've been busy reading What Katie Ate at the Weekend, Kenko Kitchen, and Bill's The Cookbook and here we share our thoughts on them with you.

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Almond moon recipe from boom Honeybuns Gluten free baking

This is our take on the familiar British Bakewell tart. Instead of pastry we use our classic polenta shortbread base, packed with almonds. The Drunken cherry filling is strictly for grown-ups, and the topping is a simple frangipane with cherries stirred in. 

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Spanish gf cake blog

Spain evokes feelings of scorching hot days and long walks on the beach with a slice of watermelon in each hand. The European Orange County had to be a part of our Gluten Free Abroad Edit as it is a nation full of variation. The culture in Spain differs throughout the country which is why I was so interested in seeing how they were embracing the gluten free wave that’s sweeping the globe. The north is often referred to as a warmer England, with its green landscapes covered in planes of trees and grass which are worlds away from the sandy tones that bring to mind when you think of the south of Spain.

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If you’ll pardon our pun (we couldn’t help ourselves) but seriously nut butters are great. Now we’re not talking about the thick, creamy peanut butters that our American buddies are so fond of, but the real, ‘nut only’ butters that have been hitting the supermarket shelves recently.

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Date paste shelf 1

Dates are steadily becoming a staple ingredient in our cooking pantry. We just keep falling more and more in love with them. For their flavour, their versatility and just how generally great they are.

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