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Gluten free Florentine slab recipe

A quick-and-easy take on florentines that thumbs its nose at formality.

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Heart shaped biscuits on pink plate

These little gluten free biscuits are a sweet addition to the biscuit tin at any time of year, but they’re especially suitable for February and March - they’re great for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.

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Vegan date and orange flapjacks

We’ve given flapjacks a makeover! Unlike their buttery, syrupy cousins, these vegan and refined sugar-free flapjacks are of the softer variety and a little less sweet - getting most of their sweetness from the addition of date puree.

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Chocolate truffles in heart shaped cases

A gluten free and/or dairy free diet shouldn’t mean that you have to miss out on delicious treats - and we think that these vegan chocolate truffles prove just that.

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Chocolate sandwich cake on vintage plate

This simple gluten-free chocolate cake can be made in a shallow baking tin or as a round cake. It is velvety smooth and moist, and can be left undecorated or smothered with a ganache.

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